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  • What was the Place that Jesus went to Prepare?
    Many believe that the place that Jesus went to prepare is an gigantic physical structure in heaven which contains many mansions. The popular belief today is that Jesus had gone to heaven to undertake a massive construction project, building mansions for all believers.Then, at whatever time that construction is finished, Jesus would return. However, Jesus … Read more
  • The New Jerusalem has already descended
    The New Jerusalem – the Bride of Christ, has already descended. Those who are in the Body of Christ, are the Kingdom of Heaven In Revelation 21:2, the Apostle John saw “the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, having been prepared as a bride having been adorned for her … Read more
  • Who is the Antichrist?
    The Modern-day Antichrist Delusion The modern church’s view of the Antichrist, is that of a man who is the embodiment of pure evil, who sometime soon, just before the supposed bodily return of Jesus Christ, would come on the scene to take over the Christian church and rule the world. As a result, every king, … Read more
  • The Millennium – what Jesus and the Apostles really taught
    The 1000 years of Revelation 20, traditionally called the Millennium, was actually fulfilled in a relatively short period of time. There are many different interpretations of the 1000 years which the Apostle John saw in the Revelation.However, they all agree that the 1000 years is a literal 1000 years. These interpretations do not allow for … Read more
  • The 2nd Coming opened the Way for us to become Sons of God
    For the purpose of making humanity into Sons of God, the First and Second Comings of Christ are called ‘Sending Forths’ – “that to the nations, the blessing of Abraham may come in Christ Jesus, that the promise of the Spirit we may receive through the faith.” (Galatians 3:14) The Cross gave us authority to … Read more
  • What is the New Heavens and Earth?
    According to the modern church, God’s people are awaiting a New Heavens and Earth. Many say that this is to be a renewed planet, ‘cleansed of sin and pollution.’However, was this what the Bible writers were speaking of? Let us consider these brief points. Jesus understood the Heavens and Earth as the Sinai Covenant World … Read more
  • The Reign of Death has already Ended!
    Within the pages of the Apostolic writings lies a glorious truth and reality – the reign of the Age of Death came to an end, two thousand years ago! Death reigned unto the Mosaic Age According to Rom 5:14, “death reigned from Adam to Moses…” The reign of death prevailed unto the Mosaic age. That … Read more
  • The Gospel was Preached in all the World Already!
    The Gospel has been preached in all the world already, according to the Apostle Paul. The way that the King James Version bible translated Matthew 24:14 has misled many Christians in their expectations of a still future literal return of Jesus. According to the KJV, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in … Read more
  • New Book! By the Grace of God… I Am
    After over two years of compiling what I have been seeing in the scriptures and experiencing in my life, I have finally completed my second book – “By the Grace of God… I Am; A Journey into the Discovery of my True Identity.” Firstly, I want to congratulate you for visiting this website and being … Read more
  • What was the Sign of His Coming?
    Many people do not understand that the Second Coming was manifested as a sign. The disciples asked Jesus for the sign of his coming, and Jesus talked about the ‘sign’ of the Son of Man in the heavens. What is a sign? There were many signs that Jesus performed during his ministry to Israel. The … Read more
  • The Harlot of the Revelation was Israel in Apostasy
    The Harlot of the Revelation represented the Jews who had broken their marriage covenant to Jehovah There have been many speculations about the identity of the Harlot of the Revelation, who or what does she signify? The identity of this woman is only a mystery to those who ignore the Time Frame given by God … Read more
  • The Events of the Revelation were at hand… 2000 years ago
    The events recorded in the Revelation were at hand, 2000 years ago. The Revelation was not written in the 21st Century. Neither was it written to us in the 21st Century. The author of the Revelation specifically stated WHOM the vision was for, and also in WHAT TIME PERIOD its events would occur. The author … Read more
  • Jesus came to his apostles ‘in like manner’ as when he had left
    The term ‘in like manner’ indicates that the ascension of Christ was an allegory or metaphor of his return After witnessing the ascension of Jesus into the heavens, the disciples were told, “this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as all of you have seen … Read more
  • Jesus’ Second Coming was seen by Caiaphas and his generation
    Jesus warned Caiaphas that he would live to see the coming of the Son of Man. It would happen in his generation! The Gospels record the words Jesus spoke to the generation of Israel that he had been sent to. In Matthew 24:30, he told his disciples of his coming. He indicated that his coming … Read more
  • The ‘Rapture’ happened 2000 years ago – in the time of the Apostles
    The Biblical ‘Rapture’ consisted of Jesus manifesting himself to his disciples, yet not to the world The modern Christian doctrine of the ‘Rapture’ teaches that sometime future to the 21st Century, at the Second Coming of Christ, the believers would instantly vanish from the face of the earth, to be with the Lord forever. What … Read more
  • Covid-19 Pandemic – a Last Day Plague?
    Is the COVID-19 Pandemic one of the pestilences and plagues of the Last Days? Many are deeming the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak as a sign of the last days, the end times and the second coming. The failure of the modern church to understand and teach the scriptures in their proper context, results in every … Read more
  • Coming in the Clouds of Heaven
    “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds…” Mark 13:26 Did Jesus Mean He was Literally Coming Back in Atmospheric Clouds? The modern church is still looking to see Jesus coming in the clouds in the skies. However, the scripture speaks of unseen realities, which are coded in symbols taken … Read more
  • Every Eye saw Christ at His Second Coming in the First Century AD
    Every Eye Saw the Second Coming of Christ, but most Did Not Perceive It Every Eye may see Jesus, but not every one perceives Him, because He is Spirit When Christ ascended to heaven to sit on his Father’s throne, he was given the Glory of his Father, which means he was made to be … Read more
  • Christ always said He would Come in the Apostles’ lifetime
    Christ promised to come in the Apostles’ lifetime when they would be persecuted by the Jews Jesus clearly said his coming would be in the Apostles’ lifetime. “But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, … Read more
  • Australia Fires and Puerto Rico Quakes – End Time Signs?
    The natural disasters which are occurring these days have nothing to do with the ‘end time signs’ Jesus gave It seems these days that every new morning we awake, we are greeted with news of some tragic mega-calamity, or natural disasters of greater magnitude. Many are saying these are the Biblical end time signs. Were … Read more
  • What the Bible really teaches about End Time Prophecy
    End Time Prophecy is actually a misnomer. The Bible does not speak of the end of time; instead it mentions ‘the time of the end’ (Daniel 12:4,9) Did you know that the ‘end time’ and the ‘last days’ referred to the time of the Apostles? Biblical End Time Prophecy was fulfilled in the time of … Read more
  • Are modern-day events Signs of Jesus’ Second Coming?
    Modern-day Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Political Upheavals and Climate Change are Not signs of Jesus’ Second Coming! The signs that Jesus gave to his disciples were events leading up to the Destruction of Jerusalem’s Temple! The signs that Jesus told his disciples to look for, were not events to occur thousands of years into the future, but … Read more
  • 5 Important Bible Verses About the Second Coming
    Do you know that Jesus and His Apostles were teaching that His Second Coming would be in their time? Here are 5 Important bible verses that show that Jesus’ Second Coming was promised to happen in the time of the First Christians. Maybe you have been hearing a lot of Second Coming Bible verses being … Read more
  • Are There Prophecies Remaining Before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming?
    All Last Day Prophecies Have Come To Pass Before The Ending Of The Old Covenant Are there any prophecies that must be fulfilled before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming? The short answer is NO! In fact, the Second Coming is an Old Covenant promise found in Malachi 3:1-5. What is significant about this? Well, God had … Read more
  • Are you Looking for Signs of the End of the World?
    Do you know the signs of the ‘End of the World’ that Jesus gave were not for our time? Jesus was not speaking of the end of our planet, nor the end of time! Many are asking for the current signs of the end times. Others are asking how will the world end. If you … Read more

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