Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t the Bible say that every eye would see Jesus when he comes back?

According to Revelation 1:7, “every eye will see Him — even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will beat-their-breasts over Him.”
Notice it is those who pierced him and the tribes of the land (Israel) who would beat their breasts at the Coming of Jesus. The Holy Spirit said it was Israel who pierced and killed His Son, for it was Israel who delivered him into the hands of the Romans. At the Crucifixion, it was said of the Jews who beheld Jesus on the cross: “They will look on the One they have pierced.” John 19:37
Thus Israel would beat their breasts when they were delivered into the hands of the Romans in 70AD. This was how they ‘saw’ the Lord Coming, in judgment for their piercing of Jesus and their persecution of his Apostles.

Didn’t Jesus say that the Son of Man would come back in the clouds of heaven?

The reference of ‘clouds of heaven’ is taken from Old Covenant prophet Daniel 7:13-14 where in symbolic vision the Son of Man was seen receiving his Kingdom. Jesus was simply saying that he would receive his kingdom within the lifetime of the people to whom he spoke to, that they would live to ‘see’ him come into that kingdom, which is his people.

Didn’t Jesus give signs for his return at the end of the world?

The Holy Spirit said that the end of the world had come in the days of the Apostolic church; “…they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” (1Corinthians 10:11)
The world that was ending was the Old Covenant world, and Jesus’ signs were for the end of that world.

If Christ has already come, what are we waiting for?

We are waiting for the time when our biological bodies return to dust and our immortal spirits go on to be fully with our Lord. Until that time, we are fully equipped by our all powerful king, to go forth and fill the earth with the Glory of God.

If Jesus Christ has returned, why is sin still rampant?

Jesus ended the dominion, or reign of sin. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins once and for all, thus sin has no dominion over the Sons of God. The Kingdom of Heaven, while it is on the earth, it is not of the earth. The Sons of God, while we are in the flesh, are not of the flesh. In the Revelation, both Kingdom citizens and earth citizens coexist, but the earth citizens are outside the Kingdom until they can be born again of the spirit. The rampant sin, is the fruit of the earth citizens, not the citizens of the Kingdom.

If Jesus Christ has returned, why do we still die?

Jesus ended the dominion, or reign of death. Death no longer prevents us from entering heaven. Jesus abolished death, so that once our biological bodies die, we are able to continue on to heaven in the spiritual realm.

Didn’t Peter say that the heavens will be on fire and the elements will melt with fervent heat when Christ returned?

Bible authors used symbolic language familiar to the Hebrew people. The heaven and earth were the Old Covenant relationship between God (heaven) and Man (earth). This Old relationship was dissolved at the coming of Jesus. Now we have a New relationship between God (heaven) and Man (earth) – a new heaven and earth.

Doesn’t the Bible say that the New Jerusalem comes down to earth after the return of Christ?

The new Jerusalem is the new spiritual community of believers which replaced the old Earthly Jerusalem. It is on earth, but can only be ‘seen’ and ‘entered’ by those who are born of the spirit.

Didn’t Revelation say that after Jesus return there will be no more sea?

The Sea was a reference to the brass laver filled with water in the Old Covenant sanctuary. It symbolized mankind’s need of cleansing. Now that Christ has come, that symbolic cleansing has been done away, because through Christ we have been made clean.


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