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Ignorance is Costly

My people are destroyed because of the lack of Knowledge

God’s People were unaware of the coming of Elijah the Prophet. Jesus told them that the ministry of John the Baptist was the fulfillment of the prophecy concerning the coming that prophet to the people of Israel. Only a remnant were not ignorant of the truth concerning John the Baptist – “if you are willing to accept it, John is Elijah who is to come.” (Matthew 11:14)

God’s People also unaware of the sending of the Saviour. He came to his own, and his own did not receive him. That ignorance was costly for those who ignored the Gospel, as most of them were destroyed in the conflagration when Jerusalem and its temple were burned to the ground in 70AD. Once again, only a remnant were not ignorant of the truth concerning Jesus of Nazareth – He was “the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16)

Incredibly, God’s modern-day People, just like the Jews, have also been unaware of the Coming of the Son of Man in the Clouds of Heaven. Again, only a remnant throughout the centuries have preserved this truth, that Jesus promised to return to the same people to whom he had first been sent, during the lifetime of that generation!

Why has God’s modern-day people been ignorant of this truth? Because like the Jews, they were, and still are, focused on a physical, literal interpretation of the word of God.

This Book will give you the Keys to the Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

Every believer knows that Jesus taught his disciples about the Kingdom of Heaven through the method of Parables.

‘Eat my Flesh and Drink my Blood’ was not a literal saying. Neither was ‘the Son of Man shall come in the clouds’ a literal saying. Just as the people in Jesus’ time struggled with his words ‘Eat my Flesh and Drink my Blood’, so too today the modern christian struggles with Christ’s promise that ‘the Son of Man shall come in the clouds of Heaven’.

This book will reveal to you what this saying meant, as well as all the other sayings of Christ concerning his coming into his Kingdom.

 This book will introduce you to ideas, perspectives and interpretations of the scripture that you would have never thought of, seen, considered, nor known.
This book will explain Apostolic concepts, such as the first century fulfillments of :

  • the New Heaven and Earth
  • the Coming on the Clouds
  • the Rapture and the Resurrection 
  • the End of the Age
  • The reign of Christ and the apostles over Israel
  • the transition from Flesh to Spirit
  • The Second Exodus
  • The fulfillment of all things written
  • The last generation of all Israel
  • The identity of the Harlot of Revelation

Save yourself the headache of years of research!

To investigate this on your own, you would need to:

  • Invest an incredible amount of time – years and years and brain power – concentration, free from interruption; to dedicate to the necessary thorough research needed to investigate this truth.
  • Read the scriptures not only in the English subjective translations, but wading through thousands of verses written in the Hebrew and Greek languages and contexts which are completely unfamiliar to most of us; 
  • Read tons and tons of books – which most times do not explain this topic in a simple manner, while others are so theologically complicated that we are turned off from the get-go; 
  • Search through hundreds of online groups, which give partial, biased, uninformed and conflicting information.

This book has already done all the hard work for you!

What People have been saying about this Book

“I found Maurice’s book to be very good, clear, and easy to read. I was particularly struck with his emphasis on Christ fulfilling the promises of Israel, which we sometimes miss. Understanding the importance of Christ coming in the last days to fulfill all that had been prophesied in the past is a key concept in studying eschatology and the Bible in general.”

“This is the best book about the Parousia of the Lord that I have ever read. It is not an interpretation but an absolute clarification of the subject under review. The author did an excellent exegesis of the Bible and delivered an amazing and magnificent work. Once I started to read the book I was unable to stop until I read the whole of it.”

“Maurice Rogers is phenomenal when it comes to conveying a message in written form! I’ve read many eschatology books and many Preterist books… This is the best and most clear! If you read this whole book and still do not think the Lord Jesus has already come back then nothing will convince you!”

Don’t Miss Out on this Information!

Don’t miss out on this new information, which proves that Christ has already come back. This good news is the key to eliminating your anxiety about the rapture and the end of the world.

Instead you will have Peace and Joy knowing that the Lord has faithfully kept his promises.

The knowledge that you need is right now available in the Book, ‘Why Christ Has Already Come Back,’ which was written using the Covenant Prophecy Principle, – a new and better way of understanding Jesus’ teachings concerning his Second Coming.

This book can increase your faith in God, and rid you of tribulation anxiety. These benefits alone, make this book potentially worth hundreds of dollars!

Consider this book to be a small investment into, not only your peace of mind, but also the assurance of knowing that our heavenly Father has definitely kept all His Covenant Promises to Israel. The promised King of Peace has been reigning in the hearts of his people for 2000 years now.



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Christ Has Already Come Back!