Covid-19 Pandemic – a Last Day Plague?

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic one of the pestilences and plagues of the Last Days?

Many are deeming the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak as a sign of the last days, the end times and the second coming.

The failure of the modern church to understand and teach the scriptures in their proper context, results in every virus outbreak, hurricane, earthquake, military conflict and political election being hailed as a “sign of the end.”

However, when the writers of the scripture mentioned the ‘last days,’ they were always speaking of the last days of the Old Covenant Age. That age ended with the destruction of the temple at ancient Jerusalem in the year 70.

All the signs that Jesus gave to his disciples, pestilences and all, were signs of the then coming destruction of the temple at ancient Jerusalem.

The Covid-19 pandemic and other virus outbreaks that happen today, have absolutely nothing to do with the signs that Jesus gave!

The plagues that were mentioned in the Revelation, were poured out on those Israelites who had rejected the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These plagues were the curses brought upon them as a result of their failure to fully keep the Torah Covenant.

The Israelites suffered tremendously during the three and a half year siege of Jerusalem from the year 66 to 70. This is what is represented in the Revelation as the pouring out of the plagues.

The Last Days were in the First Century

A careful study of the scriptures indicate that the Last Days were during that period when Jesus ministered to Old Covenant Israel, right up to the destruction of the temple.

God poured out the Holy Spirit in the Last Days… in 31AD

The promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was to be fulfilled in the last days. According to the Old Testament prophet Joel, the Holy Spirit was to be poured out in the ‘last days.’

Therefore, whenever the Holy Spirit was poured out, that would have been a sure sign of the ‘Last Days.’

On the day of Pentecost in 31AD, God poured out the Holy Spirit first upon the small group of one hundred and twenty disciples in Jerusalem. On that day the apostle Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit of Truth declared, “…it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh…” (Acts 2:17)

Peter was quoting verbatim the promise of the Holy Spirit spoken through the Old Covenant prophet Joel. Thus, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost in 31AD, was confirmation that they were indeed in the ‘last days.’ Yes in 31AD, it was the ‘last days’. That was 2000 years ago.

We are not in the last days

We in the 21st century are not in the last days. The people who lived in the first century, during the time of the Early Apostolic Church, they were living in the Last Days of the Old Kosmos Era. They were living at the time of the ending of the Old Covenant.

This is why Peter wrote circa 55AD “…the end of all things is at hand..” 1Pet 4:7

Peter could say that the end of all things was at hand, because he saw the fulfillment of the end-time Old Covenant prophecies fulfilled in his time. Peter also saw the signs of the end given by Jesus being fulfilled one after the other in his time. The Apostle also remembered Jesus promised to come in that generation of the people whom he had ministered to.
He understood that the end of all things of the Old Kosmos Age was at hand!

The ‘End’ came 2000 years ago. We today are not in that Age

Dear friend, the end of all things was ‘at hand’ two thousand years ago! It cannot be that the end is still at hand. Such an understanding is contrary to sound doctrine. Since we are not in the ‘End Times’ nor the ‘Last Days,’ the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be a last day sign.
We are now in a New Kosmos Age, an age that the scripture says is “without end.” Eph 3:21

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