Australia Fires and Puerto Rico Quakes – End Time Signs?

end time signs

The natural disasters which are occurring these days have nothing to do with the ‘end time signs’ Jesus gave

It seems these days that every new morning we awake, we are greeted with news of some tragic mega-calamity, or natural disasters of greater magnitude. Many are saying these are the Biblical end time signs.

Were these events really prophesied by the Bible prophets? Did the Bible foretell these natural disasters and upheaval? What about Jesus’ ‘end time signs?’

The natural disasters Jesus spoke of, happened in the time of the Apostles

Acts 16:26 described “a great earthquake” which occurred at the time Paul and Silas had been imprisoned. This quake was so violent that it shook free their shackles from the walls of the prison so that the iron gates swung open!

Acts 11:28 tells us of a great famine that came upon the empire during the time of Roman Emperor Claudius Nero. It recorded, “…a great famine is about to be over the whole world — which came to pass under Claudius.”

Jesus gave signs of the end of the world

Firstly, Jesus gave end time signs for a specific ‘world’ – the Old Covenant age

In Matthew 24:3, Jesus was asked for signs concerning the end of the world. The word which was translated into ‘world’ is the Greek ‘aion’, which means “Eon, age, period of time.”

So Jesus gave signs of the end of an age. What age would that have been?

Jesus spoke of the end of the Old Covenant ‘World’

The end of the age that Jesus and his disciples were speaking of was the Old Covenant Age, which ended at the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Old Jerusalem.

This happened in 70AD, when the Roman armies finally destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple after a three and a half year siege.

Every sign that Jesus gave for the end of the age, was for the end of that specific Old Covenant Age, and are not for our time. We are living in a different age.
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