Are you Looking for Signs of the End of the World?

Do you know the signs of the ‘End of the World’ that Jesus gave were not for our time? Jesus was not speaking of the end of our planet, nor the end of time!

Does the Bible speak of the end of the world we live in?

Many are asking for the current signs of the end times. Others are asking how will the world end. If you are looking for Signs of the End of the World, there is something you ought to know.

The scholars who translated the Greek scriptures into the English Bibles translated THREE completely different Greek words into the ONE English word ‘World’!
Those Three Greek words are:

  • Kosmos – An orderly arrangement or system – national or universal – in which intelligent beings live and operate by its laws and principles, whether good or evil
  • Aion – Eon, age, period of time
  • Oikoumene – land inhabited by Israel both local and foreign; the Roman Empire in the time of the New Testament scriptures

Paul wrote that the ends of the ‘world’ had come upon the early Christians

When Jesus and the Apostles mentioned the ‘end of the world,’ they meant the end of the Old Covenant Kosmos Age. The apostle Paul, writing circa 55AD, indicated that he knew that the end of the Old Kosmos Age had come. He wrote, “…they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” (1Cor 10:11)

The word ‘world’ in that verse is ‘aion’, the time period – the age. The apostle affirms that the ends of the age [the ‘world’] had come upon the early church circa 55AD!

Who was Paul writing to? Was it us in the 21st Century? Have the ends of the Age come to us? If so, how long has this ‘end’ been? Two thousand years? No! Paul was speaking to the Corinthians and the contemporary churches of his time! The ends of the age had come upon them! What age was that? Obviously the Old Kosmos Age.

Christ Has Already Come Back!