By The Grace of God… I Am

Do you know who you really are? Do you realize you have assumed a lot concerning your true identity? You are not who your parents, family, ethnicity, nationality nor society say you are!

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By The Grace of God… I Am

A Journey into the Discovery of My True Identity

By Maurice E. Rogers. 144 pages

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This new book, By the Grace of God… I Am; A Journey into the Discovery of my True Identity,” is my understanding of what has been obtained for us – our glorious identities purchased and created anew by our Lord Jesus Christ. In this book, I journey through the scripture, identifying the original issue, which necessitated the first and second comings in order to rectify that problem.

Move from Theological Fact into the Wonderful Reality of your True Identity!

This book transforms what God has accomplished with Christ from being an external theological and eschatological fact, into an internal life-changing reality!

What people are saying about this book

This is one of the most eye opening, life changing books I have ever read. Of course the Bible is number one but this book in my opinion is second. It completely changed my entire perspective on who I am supposed to be. It was SHOCKING to realize all the years I’ve spent in church I learned none of this. This book gives you spiritual goggles to see Christ. To learn about him and yourself. Amazing book. This book is written by a man who is truly walking with Christ. I thank God I found his website which led me to his articles and books.”

This Truth is the Pearl of Great Price!

The understanding that Christ has already come, seems to be a hidden truth for most. Similarly, the realization of what he has already accomplished for us, is equally very rare! I truly believe that this knowledge in this book is a Priceless Pearl!

For some reason unknown to me, Christianity has lost sight of the gospel. They are back in the same rut that Christ desired to free the Jews from. You can discover the hidden Treasure that Jesus spoke of, Today!

Who knows, the truths in this book may be exactly what you have been praying for!

In this book you will find the teachings of Jesus and his apostles concerning our true identity. These have somehow been overlooked, ignored or for some reason shunned.

These days, we hardly seem to hear the words of Jesus and his apostles. We hear a lot of men’s assumptions, theories and philosophy. Secondly, we also hear a lot of the old religion of ceremonies and signs, along with a lot of ‘we musts,’ and ‘we shoulds.’ This book reveals the doctrine of ‘The Way.’ This was the teaching of the Chief Apostle Jesus Christ. After his ascension, Jesus’ specially appointed and anointed apostles, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, continued this teaching.

Some of the concepts this book sheds light on are:

  • What is the significance of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life, in our lives today?
  • What is the Image and Likeness of God?
  • What is God’s True opinion of you?
  • What does it mean to be ‘in Christ?
  • What is the new creation?
  • How to be born of the spirit.
  • How to ‘put on Christ.’
  • How to ‘pray in the spirit.’

I can say personally that the information in this book has been a blessing to me. Moreover, it also has been a blessing writing it as well. This is one of those books that needs to be in every hand, in every library and every home!

You simply can’t allow this Truth to go to waste!
Discover your True Identity! Order now!

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