New Book! By the Grace of God… I Am

After over two years of compiling what I have been seeing in the scriptures and experiencing in my life, I have finally completed my second book – By the Grace of God… I Am; A Journey into the Discovery of my True Identity.”

Firstly, I want to congratulate you for visiting this website and being blessed by the free content that I have posted. It has been a labor of love. The long hours building this site to get it just right, the incessant bug-testing and endless research to figure out seemingly impossible problems, all combine to give me a pleasing sense of achievement.

Secondly, I am happy to know that you have found the biblical evidence that I have been presenting truly compelling. Some of you have by now bought my first book, “Why Christ Has Already Come Back…”
Again, a heart-felt thank you to those who have purchased that book, and who have taken the time to contact me, to let me know how much they appreciated its content.

Jesus has already come back; what now?

While I was writing that book, I realized ultimately that I needed to do another book to address the question of ‘What Now?’ Many persons, including myself, after accepting that the coming of Christ was an already accomplished spiritual event, have been brought to the inevitable realization that there must be something left for us, this side of the Second Coming.

This new book, By the Grace of God… I Am; A Journey into the Discovery of my True Identity, is my understanding of what has been obtained for us – our glorious identities purchased and created anew by our Lord Jesus Christ. In this book, I journey through the scripture, identifying the original issue, which necessitated the first and second comings in order to rectify that problem.

Christ Has Already Come Back!